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Captain Paul Johnson aboard the Carol J fishing out of Rhode Island

We observe all CDC and State of Rhode Island guidelines for COVID-19.  We completed 54 charters in 2020 without incident.   We ask how people are feeling before the trip, and if they have been vaccinated.  We also request the we be notified if they have a positive COVID test in the next 14 days.   The captain has received the vaccine and he and the mate will wear a mask when close to passengers.  We sanitize the boat and fishing equipment after each trip.

The cost of the charter is directly connected to amount of time we spend on the water, where we can go, how we fish, and what we fish for.   Four anglers is ideal for the size boat, although I can legally take 6 passengers.  A minimum 2 hour trip is for harbor tours, lobster charters, and ash burials.   Our 4 hour trips are on local waters around Point Judith and as far as the North end of Block Island.  Our 6 hour trip provides enough time to fish Block Island and combine some trolling with bottom fishing.   We recommend the 7 or 8 hours trip so we have more flexibility to explore fishing spots and fish more of the tide.  Typically, I have a mate on board who greatly enhances the fishing experience.  The mate typically gets a 20% tip for coaching anglers through the day, cleaning fish, and generally helping.

We bottom fishing for seabass, fluke, cod, scup, or tautog.

We troll for striped bass, bluefish and bonito

We offer "Lobster Charters" for a two hour family outing.

We offer boat rides, harbor tours, and ash burials at sea.


The Full Day Experience:

The full day trip is for fisherman who want to spend 8+ hours off shore fishing for Striped Bass, Bluefish, Fluke, Black Seabass, or Codfish,  We only book these trips when there is a reasonable expectation for catching the targeted species.  These trips are more costly because we venture off shore toward Sand Bank Chanel, East Grounds, and Sharks or Coxes Ledge.  During the past two seasons fishing for Cod and Black Seabass has improved in all these areas.   These trips are more expensive because of the bait, chum, larger equipment, and time for travel. ($1,400.00)  Chum, hooks baits and added fuel are the expenses that increase the total cost.

Half-Day & ¾ Day charters are the most popular trips because they offer a reasonable amount of time for travel to the fishing grounds, time to find and catch  fish and return to the dock. The half-day trip is 6 hours and is from 6:00 am until around noon. The ¾  day trip is 7+ hours and is from 5:00am until 1:30 pm.  We like to leave the dock a bit earlier in the early summer and later in the fall due to the changing sun rise.   As a bonus, on several days in 2020, we hauled my recreational lobster traps and the party was able to take home a few lobsters in addition to their fish fillets.  ($675.00 - $775.00)

Reserve your charter date today for just a $200 deposit

In 2020, we offered "Lobster Charters" as a "family" option for those love lobsters and want to see close up how they are captured.  It is also excellent for those who don't want to spend hours on a boat.   On the lobster charter, you help me pull my recreational lobster traps to see what we catch.   This is a morning only, two hour trip for a group of 1-6 people.   As the crew you share the catch This past season we captured over 100 keeper lobsters with an average of 5 lobsters per trip.  The cost is $275.00 for the group.  

Minimum 4 hour trip is for local waters within a few miles of the port of Galilee. These trips are popular with families on vacation who what to catch some fish, and are not interested in being on a boat for many hours. We troll for bluefish and striped bass than bottom fish for seabass, scup, and fluke.  As with all other trips, we supply bait, tackle, ice, and expertise.  The cost is 450.00.  Please note is for in shore only.  The cost is $475.00 for the group and is available Monday through Friday morning, afternoon, or evening.


Captain Paul Johnson is a member of The Rhode Island Saltwater Anglers Association, American Littoral Society fish tagging program and is the Secretary of the Rhode Island Party and Charter Boat Association.

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Captain: Paul B. Johnson Sr.


Cell: 401-207-6947 

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