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Lobster Charters Rhode Island

Lobster Charters RI

Lobster ChartersHelp me pull my recreational lobster traps to see what they catch.   This is an ideal activity for families with children who are interested in how lobsters are captured.   It is also a great option for those who don't want to spend an entire day on the water.  The two hour charter costs $250.00 for 1-6 people, and as the crew you share in the catch.    The average catch in 2018 was five keeper lobsters and one day we caught 12 keepers.  Trigger fish, crabs, scup, black sea bass, and other marine creature find their way into the traps.  The trips are typically  in the morning.    We locate the trap locations using GPS coordinates and explain how real lobster men find their traps.  Once located and identified by the color pattern on the buoy, we pull the traps and remove the lobsters and other marine life.   The next step is to measure the lobsters using a special tool.  Undersized lobsters are carefully returned to the water and keepers are banded and stored in a cooler.    The traps are baited with fresh bait and set back in the water.  The crew helps with all of these activities or can just observer the process.  

The Carol J is fully licensed and insured charter boat with all safety equipment.   Captain Johnson has fifty years experience on local waters.  We are located toward the end of SS dock, on State Street, in Galilee Rhode Island.


Carol J Charters

Captain: Paul B. Johnson Sr.


Cell: 401-207-6947 

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