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Covid-19 Guidelines 2021

COVID -19 Operational



The State of Rhode Island has provided the following guidance to the charter boat industry to insure the health and safety of all participants.    These operational guidelines detail distancing, group size, cleaning procedures and a vessel capacity formula.  The captains and crews of the vessels have reviewed the guidance and have implemented them.  Safety has always been the first priority of the Rhode Island Party & Charter Association

Operations:   The captain will retain the contact information of the group leader and ask them to notify the captain if any member of the group tests positive for COVID-19.  The captain will notify the group leader if the captain or crew tests positive. Any positive test will be reported to appropriate authorities and  Dean Hoxie at dean.hoxie@dem.ri.gov

Temperature sensing devices are available to determine if a person has fever before leaving the dock.  In addition, persons who are not feeling well will not be allowed to be on the boat.  Masks, hand sanitizer, and gloves will be available to crew and passengers.

  • Physical distancing: Passengers, whenever possible, will maintain six (6) feet of physical distance between themselves and others who are not part of their household. In addition, to allow for adequate distancing, party and charter boat operators will limit cabin capacity and request passengers to remain on deck, if safe to do so, during the duration of the trip (weather permitting).  
  • Face Coverings: All persons (captain, crew, and passengers) on the boat should comply with current RIDOH regulations and executive orders regarding the wearing of face coverings during party and charter boat operations. (See Executive Order 20-30.)
  • Cleaning Procedures: In accordance with RIDOH regulations and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) guidelines regarding cleaning and disinfecting, all cabins, heads, commonly touched surfaces, and equipment on the boat or used by passengers (e.g. fishing poles or nets) should be sanitized between trips and at the end of the day. The entire boat should be thoroughly cleaned at least once a day. Additionally, soap and water and/or hand sanitizer will be readily available for frequent hand cleaning. 

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