May 23, 2020 @ 6:44 AM

May 21, 2020


The Rhode Island Charter Association has submitted a proposal to the Governor for opening our charter business. This plan includes social distancing, sanitizing protocols, and face coverings. We expect to hear within days The Carol J, is going in the water on Tuesday. I expect to book charters beginning in June.

Each season I like to spend a few days checking on the arrival of fluke and striped bass. Both species arrive in waves, no pun intended. June fishing can be really good or not so good.

I try to avoid “shot in the dark” charters, preferring a specific plan based on history, current conditions, and current knowledge of “the bite”.

Early season possibilities:

School bass, fluke, Shad & squid on the South Shore, North End or East side of Block Island,

Small numbers of cod and pollack at East Grounds.

I hate lousy fishing days as much as you folks do. As a result I study, plan, and prepare to give us all the best shot of a great fishing experience, rather than a boat ride to nowhere.


I am looking forward to an excellent fishing season.    Hope all are following health guidelines and staying well.


Capt Paul

Carol J Charters

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